• Video: Interview – Steel Panther and The Blitz at Rock On The Range 2016

    The Blitz: Nuber recorded an interview with Steel Panther during Rock on the Range 2016 – with an incredibly creepy feel. I hope it’s because of the poor light – because the guys look bitchin’ as always.

  • Interview: The Brag – Lexxi Foxx about Social Media and technology

    The magazine The Brag published an interview with Steel Panther‘s Lexxi Foxx about the upcoming Australia tour, technology, Social Media and the newest album “Live From Lexxi Foxx’s Mom’s Garage“. He’s talking about promo methods like back in the day and bands who’re doing promotional tours and stuff to sell their albums. Lexxi Foxx: “All […]

  • Video: VEVO interview with Steel Panther – Rock On The Range 2016

    It’s a funny interview with Steel Panther about Satchels nipples, Lexxi’s make up tips, the last album and much more. The interview was recorded during the Rock On The Range Festival 2016. If you are from Germany, you can’t watch the YouTube version, but you can watch it on vevo

  • The shop is online: Look bitchin’ with a Fanther Panther shirt

    Due to requests from Fanthers, we have a Spreadshirt shop now with some shirts and other stuff that will let you look bitchin’. And wearing the original “Fanther Panther” is sexy because you are! The shirts are not cheap, but the quality (shirt and print) is really nice and if you purchase our stuff, you support […]

  • Video: Interview Musik Universe & Michael Starr (Steel Panther)

    Musik Universe Interview with Michael Starr about the Festival d’été de Québec,  the last DVD “Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage”, the tour and the upcoming album. Steel Panther will record their new album at the beginning of June 2016 and they want to put it out in October – this year! We hope it works out.

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