• Video: Steel Panther “Eyes Of A Panther” – 6 Camera Pro shot HOB 5/27/16

    Tim Mcaskill got the opportunity to film the Steel Panther show at House Of Blues New Orleans (5/27/2016) with 6 cameras and the video is amazing. The sound is great too, because he got the Audio from the Soundboard Enjoy “Eyes Of  A Panther” and spread the word, because Tim did an amazing job!

  • Are you a true Fanther? The Steel Panther Quiz

    You think you are the most bitchin’ Steel Panther Fanther on earth? You know everything about your favorite band? Now it’s easy to find out if you’re a true Fanther or not and if you will get a lot of Pussy/Cock: The Steel Panther Quiz by Teamrock, Classic Rock and Metal Hammer. My final score was 10/10: […]

  • Steel Panther: Festival d’été de Québec 2016

    The Steel Panther performances at Festival d’été de Québec 2016 were impressive – especially the acoustic performance at the SPOT – Pop-Up FEQ presented by Sirius XM. If you missed it: Here are some cool videos :)

  • Video and Podcast: The Void with Christina and Steel Panther

    The Void AU has an amazing Podcast with Stix Zadinia and a YouTube Best Of with the most ridiculous moments of the Steel Panther interviews Christina hosted over the years. And I love her interviews with Steel Panther because they are really funny and she’s sexy :) Enjoy the Podcast and the video – Stix […]

  • Video: Steel Panther – Live at HQ Complex, Adelaide 06/22/2016

    About 24 minutes pure sex: Enjoy a nice video of the Steel Panther show at HQ Complex, Adelaide 06/22/2016. The sound quality is awesome! Thanks to Stacey Sullivan for sharing

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