• Interview: Lexxi Foxx with Wikimetal.br

    This week Wikimetal‘s guest is Lexxi Foxx, the most bitchin’ bass player on earth. He’s talking about how Steel Panther feels about Rock in the 80′s, the idea behind the band and about the period when Glam Rock was at its peak in the US. I love his strange noises in the interview and the […]

  • Video: Steel Panther LA KISS 07/18/2015

    Steel Panther during the LA KISS Game 07/18/2015. Thanks to Heavy Metal Hill for sharing!

  • Happy Birthday Lexxi Foxx!

    Happy Birthday to the most bitchin’ bass player on the sunset strip! We love you Lexxi!    

  • New Steel Panther music video is coming out soon!

    Mr Sean Barrett directed a new Steel Panther music video which is coming out soon! Are you excited? I really am – I’m so excited I wanna pee my pants! Thanks to Kubba Bubba for sharing the awesome news with us – u really rock bro! Such a blast directing a new music video for […]

  • Video: PREMIERGuitar – Rig Rundown with Satchel [2015]

    PREMIERGuitar published an awesome video: The Rig Rundown with Satchel. If you wanna know something about Satchel’s equipment like the signature Kramer guitars or his EVH Amps – check out the video they recorded during a stop in Des Moines 2015. And if you don’t give a shit about that: Just look at Satchel’s muscles […]

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