• Photo, Review: Steel Panther @ Soundwave Festival 2015

    Metal Hammer Team Rock published some pics and a first review of the Steel Panther show at Soundwave Festival 2015, Melbourne. Panther are often the subject of derision and ridicule because of their look and schtick, but as Michael Starr says to the haters “We’re playing for 15,000 of our friends so fuck you!” Death To […]

  • Lindsay Hearts Announces Fashion Line

    A lot of people love the new stage jackets of Lexxi and Stix. These are made by a lovely designer from Los Angeles: Lindsay Hearts. I totally love her creations and so I wanna do her a favor and write a news about her new Kickstarter campaign.

  • Videos: Steel Panther NAMM Takeover 2015

    Satchel is taking over Guitar World at the 2015 Winter NAMM show & he’s meeting Joe Lester – check out the videos

  • Videos: Steel Panther @ NAMM show Anaheim, 01/32/2015

    I have found a bunch of videos from the NAMM show yesterday Steel Panther rocked out with Tommy Thayer (KISS) & Marty Friedman (Megadeth)! with Tommy Thayer (KISS) with Marty Fiedman (Megadeth/Cacophony)

  • Video: Nerdist – Steel Panther is playing Rock Band

    If you’ve missed out the day when Steel Panther rocked out some Rock Band covers of “Crazy Train”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Rainbow In The Dark”, and more – check out the video below. After the funny Rock Band session, the band performed “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of The World” and “Girl From Oklahoma”. And […]