• Fan Art Tuesday, 12/06/2016

    Fanthers – it’s Fan Art Tuesday (F.A.T.) again and I’m really happy I can show you an amazing drawing of Michael Starr by Lukas Wuttke. If you want to show your drawings, tattoos, self-made Steel Panther stuff send a photo [email protected] maybe I will choose it for the next Fan Art Tuesday. Add your Twitter name […]

  • Videos: Steel Panther live – 360° Videos

    In case you missed it: Enjoy the video of the 360° virtual reality live stream of the Steel Panther concert from The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 22nd.

  • Very Exclusive Video: Never published before…

    Here we go, here’s the first exclusive Video for you! And exclusive means: Never published before, for your eyes only and we will never post it publicly. You’re a member of the most bitchin’ fan club on earth. We love you, so have fun watching the video :-) Sorry, but this is the backstage door […]

  • Fan Art Tuesday, 11/29/2016

    Inspired by the band Lord Of The Lost I’ll start a new fan section: The Fan Art Tuesday with photos of your Steel Panther tattoos, drawings, cakes, jackets and all the Steel Panther related stuff you made. If you want to show what you’re wearing or what you’ve crafted send a photo to [email protected] and […]

  • New Fan Club Launch: Steel Panther teamed up with Fanthers.com

    Hi Fanthers! First of all: Welcome to Steel Panther Fans / Fanthers.com, the new home of the “Fanthers Worldwide” fan club. I’m really happy we can offer three different membership types and each membership will give you access to exclusive material, music, pre-sales and your very own Fanther-Shirt – so everyone can see you’re a real […]

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