Interview with Lexxi Foxx – Stuttgart GER, 02/07/2014


On February 07, 2014 I had the chance to meet the awesome Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther Backstage at the “LKA Longhorn” in Stuttgart Germany for an interview. It was 7 pm when I entered the catering area and I took a seat at a table. This place was very familiar for me, because I was there a few times with J.B.O.. After a few minutes Lexxi came out of the dressing room and gave me a very warm welcome. I placed my iPhone on the table to record the conversation and he spotted the two guitar picks from Satchel and him that I had hanging around my neck.

Fanthers - Photo Pass - Guitar Picks

Lexxi pointed to them: You have Satchels and mine, huh?!

Andrea: Yes (with a big smile on the face)



I confessed to him, that this would be my first Face-2-Face interview in English. Although I had already done some interviews for the music webzine “venue music“, but these always were mail interviews and Face-2-Face interviews in German. But he was very understanding and answered with a friendly “Hey, that’s alright!“.

Andrea: First of all: Thank you for taking the time.

Lexxi: You are very welcome. Mhmh, now I have to say – take your time. Really. I mean: I appreciate you guys being here and… and I’m…

I tried to complete the sentence: You are very busy I guess…

Lexxi: Yeah, well…You know, today you got me on a good day, because we hadn’t much press today, we just had a lot of press the day before so it’s a good thing that we met today.

After that we made the first photos for the interview and we checked immediately if his Make-Up looks good on the photo. It was great of course!

Lexxi: Let’s see how we did, so how my Make-Up is today. Hm, well my Make-Up is fine.

Lexxi & Andrea - Interview Stuttgart 01

Andrea: Okay, let’s go. On January 30, we met in Paris at the Hard Rock Cafe. I visited the press conference and you guys presented the new album “All You Can Eat(Release: March 28 in Europe) to the european press and now let me ask some questions about the upcoming album.

Lexxi: Okay…

Andrea: What about the title of the album? Who had the idea and why did you choose this name?

After I asked him this question, a few Fanthers started to look through the window of the backstage area as they entered the hall. He posed a little bit for some photos and after that I had his full attention again.

Lexxi: The reason that we choosed “All You Can Eat” is because it’s just like a bitchin’ buffet of everything, I mean it’s music, sex, drugs – all that. That is what it means. “All You Can Eat” doesn’t necessarily just mean music, you know. It could mean a bunch of things. And that’s why anyhow Stix came up with “All You Can Eat” and we decided we would do it after  – you know  – “The Last Supper”, we make the last supper even way more bad ass than the original painting was. So, that’s cool. So that’s what we came up with.

Andrea: Is there something special about the new album compared with the other two studio albums?

Lexxi: Oh yeah, the songs were a lot better – Well, I won’t say a lot better. The songs are different…a lot better. No, not lot better. They’re just as bad ass but it is different. That’s the word. It is different. Well see, one song is a lot harder than the other songs, that song is called “Pussywhipped”. And “Gangbang At The Old Folks Home” is a badass song. But I don’t know which my favorite is. It’s definitively not better. It’s better than anything else but I wouldn’t say it’s better than our other two records, ’cause I love all those records. All the records. Hm. I think I’m not able to pick a favorite song too. So, i don’t know. Have you heard “Glory Hole” yet?

Andrea: Yes…

Lexxi: Yes you heard. Do you like “Glory Hole”?

Andrea: I heard the complete album in Paris during the press day.

Lexxi: You did. How did you like it?

Andrea: It’s cool, I think it’s heavier than the other ones and I totally like the song “Pussywhipped”!

Lexxi: Yeah, that’s a cool record – it’s heavier than some of the songs on our other albums. Yeah one of my favorite songs is “Pussywhipped” for sure.

Cover - Steel Panther - All You Can Eat

Andrea: The album cover, you talked about it: The photos were taken by David Jackson. Was it the first time you worked with him?

Lexxi: I think it was the first time. He’s badass. He’s really badass. He’s really good.

Andrea: How was the feedback after the revealing of the album cover. Did you receive more positive or more negative reactions?

Lexxi: I think some people think, that people might be offended by. I don’t understand why, because it’s just making this dinner even more badass than the original painting. It’s just what it is: Badass. People like it, hopefully they would. But at the same time either you love it or hate it I guess. That’s kinda like our band, you know? You have lovers and haters – they will all be around.

Andrea: Yeah, and I totally like it.

Lexxi: Good!

Andrea: Now something about the tour. The first show of the Europe S.T.D.-Tour was in Groningen, yesterday was Munich and today Stuttgart. Did you have fun?

Lexxi: I love it, I love being over here. I love Amsterdam…This is the second time here, isn’t it?

Andrea: Yes…

Lexxi: I love it. I love the beer here and the chicks and the chocolate…

I asked him again whether he really said “Chocolate”, because he always wants to stay skinny.

Lexxi: Chocolate – oh, everytime I eat it – I throw it up.

Andrea: I saw a lot of positive reactions about the shows on Twitter and Facebook.

Lexxi: You saw…is that right?

Andrea: Yeah.

Lexxi: Good!

After that I had to ask a question about the tour bus and the sleeping bunks in it – when I was on tour with other bands, I always had a problem to sleep in my bunk because it was small and it was very loud when the bus was on the road with a loud engine.

Steel Panther tour bus

Andrea: You’re on the road with a tour bus. Is it better to sleep in a hotel bed or in a Nightliner bunk? 

Lexxi: Oh…hotel for sure!

Andrea: I ask because it’s a small bunk and you’re very tall…

Lexxi: I can’t stand it. I hate it. Yeah I mean I can’t stand it – the tour bus drives me crazy – I bumped my head all the time…all the time…

Andrea: Do you have your own mirror in the tour bus?

Lexxi: Yep I do! It’s in the bunk, it’s right on the side – I look right into it like that…

Steel Panther Neu-Isenburg 2014 – 112

He looked in his mirror and pouted.

Andrea: Do you have some special rules in the bus? I know some bands who have very strict toilet rules for example.

Lexxi: Yeah! You can’t shit the bus!

Andrea: My last question – You have new stage clothes…

Lexxi: Yeah, do you like ’em?

Andrea: Yeah they’re totally cool – that’s why I ask. How do you choose the colors of your clothes? Because the last time it was a Zebra pattern…

Lexxi: Yeah it was a purple Zebra, like this one (he points to the mirror on the table). I wanted to go pink, but in a little bit a darker pink so it matches the jacket – you know – that I wear tonight and I’m gonna wear purple I think tonight. But I have a different pair of pants too – maybe I’ll wear a different pair tonight. I have a silver pair too. But tonight I think I do purple again. You saw them in Amsterdam correct, or Paris – I’m sorry – right?

Andrea: No in Paris you wore the leather pants.

Lexxi: Ok that’s right.

Andrea: I saw the purple pants on photos and videos – and I totally like it.

Lexxi: Oh good, I’m glad!

After this thing with the new clothes was explained in more detail, he suggested to make an other photo on which we could pose together and he was the opinion that we look totally great together.

Lexxi & Andrea Stuttgart 2014

After all I had to leave, because the show began soon and I had to check my photo equipment and my photo pass. I have to thank Lexxi for this bitchin’ interview, because he was so nice and really awesome! I tried to write down the interview as authentic as possible, because he has a very unique way of speaking :-)