Exclusive for fan club members: Intimate Steel Panther show – win tickets!


Tickets are all gone - sorry guys. Don't forget to check Fanthers.com from time to time - so you'll never miss stuff like this :) We informed the winners - so please check your email and if you got no email: Please don't be sad and thank you for being a Fanther! We love you!

Fanthers! What are you doing the day after Valentines day? I can tell you what Steel Panther’s Michael and Satchel are doing on February 15th: They will celebrate their “Valentines Day Hangover” - live at a tiny metal bar in London. That’s really cool, but it’s even more awesome that we’re looking for fan club members who want to party with them! It will be the most intimate public show the guys have ever done and you have the chance to meet them and to be a part of this amazing show.

We’re giving away 15 sets of 2 tickets. It’s a free event, but only 15 of you will be on the list AND you can bring a friend. :)

Just leave a comment here on Fanthers.com (not on Facebook or Twitter) - first come, first served! We will send you an email if you made it on the list. Then you’ll get all the information you need :)

Please note: Only fan club members can sign up and please only leave a comment if you will actually come to the party! It would be not fair to others if you sign up and don’t show up. We will be NOT providing transport and an overnight stay. Your place on the list is not transferable.

Sorry, but this is the backstage door and you have no permission to enter. If you want to come in and party with The Fanthers Crew and lots of exclusive stuff, you gotta join the official Steel Panther fan club. We have three packages - check out what's the most bitchin' option for you. We're looking forward to see you on the inside! :-)