Ideas for a new Fanthers Shirt 2017

We found our favourite design – now the designers will have a lot to do :) Thank you for your ideas!

Bitchin’ Fanthers! We want to offer you some new exclusive Fanthers Fan Club Shirts with a new design and now we want to ask YOU, if you have some ideas. Bring in your suggestions :) You can upload a quick sketch or you can describe your ideas (comic style, tattoo style, a certain band style, band logo, “Fanthers” writing etc.) in our forum.

Please note: You can only access the forums if you are a Fan Club Member. If you’re not a Member of the Fanthers Community, you can leave a comment here too – if you want to participate. Maybe we will pick one of your design ideas and give it to a designer who can implement them.

It’s not a competition or something like that, but we are a bitchin’ community here, so let’s try it :) We’re looking forward to your ideas!

Here’s my idea:

Ideas for a new Fanthers Shirt 2017