Fanther Friday: 11wristlet719 (wristlet666)


It’s time for the Fanther Friday and today we wanna introduce you 11wristlet719 (wristlet666). If you wanna be a part of our Fanther Friday, click here and answer our questions. At the moment it’s only open for our Fan Club members, because we wanna know who you are. Thank you for your support! :-)

Name / Nickname
@11wristlet719 / (wristlet666)

Fanther Friday: 11wristlet719 (wristlet666)Favorite Panther

Fanther since
June 2014

Favorite Steel Panther Song
Too hard to pick just one. 17  Girls in a Row, Death to all but Metal, The Burden of being wonderful, That’s when you came in…to name some.

Which Steel Panther lyrics are your life motto?
A good mix of „Hell may be where I’m gonna go, but when I get there I’m pretty sure the Devil will know I…*bleeeeeep*“ and „Whoa-oh! Whoa-oh – thar she blows“ with a lot of „Don’t be afraid of Heavy Metal! Don’t be afraid to rock! To rock! To rock!

Your personal „Lower The Bar“ experience
There’s this guy, who once promised me to send me a CD. He didn’t do it. I lowered the bar and from that moment on I was just enjoying the CDs & Vinyls I already own (and the fact that I‘m still able to buy more music ;-) \m/

Musical influences
= lots and lots and lots of different music….view „Favorite Bands“ in my Base Profile Section @11wristlet719 on if you want to…If not..huh ..I won’t know.

How would you treat a „Poontang Boomerang“?
Never had one. Small chance of getting one. But: I’d probably be (too?) nice…

What would you ask the band?
If you guys could put together a band (supergroup), consisting of ANY musicians (even already dead ones, who’d obviously become alive again): who’d be in it (vocals, 1-2 guitar player/s, bass player, drummer)?
note: of course I’d L-O-V-E to get this answered by all 4 members of Steel Panther individually…but…I know…LOWER the fucking BAR, eh?

Pizza or Pussy?
Pizza!!! (no offense to pussy, because, you know, unlike Pizza, I got one with me all the time…).

If „anything goes“ would be your life motto: What would you do first?
Be ar EVERY Steel Panther Live Show & visit every State of the USA several times (have only been to 17 so far).

What was your biggest „Walk Of Shame“?
Can’t possibly share that. Still not over it.

A few words to the fellow Fanthers
Thank you for supporting my favorite band ;-) !!!
Stay Bitchin’!