Fanther Friday: Brucifer


Last Wednesday Steel Panther had an other funny video shoot and Stix had the opportunity to direct his first music video. We’re looking forward to see the result, but it will be entertaining! Let’s start the party with the Fanther Friday and we wanna introduce you Brucifer – or as I (@andrea) call him: The Collector, because he collects everything that has to do with his favourite band – Steel Panther :-)

If you wanna be a part of our Fanther Friday, click here and answer our questions. At the moment it’s only open for our Fan Club members, because we wanna know who you are. Thank you for your support! :-) You all are the best f*cking Fanthers out there!

Brucifer / @brucifer

Favorite Panther
The entire band…they are a BAND!!!

Fanther since

Favorite Steel Panther Song
„Now The Fun Starts“

Which Steel Panther lyrics are your life motto?
Party with Caitlyn or party with BRUCE…

Your personal „Lower The Bar“ experience
Last week during their LTB tour and had 4 VIP experiences!!! The boys were absolutely awesome every night!!! Jameson from OTL was superb!!! Perfect every time!!!

Musical influences
Steel Panther

How would you treat a „Poontang Boomerang“?
First I would find out her name…

What would you ask the band?
I really do not have anything to ask…I would more like to express my gratitude for all they do for their fans…from constant touring to being separated from their families. Their dedication and sacrifices are globally appreciated!!!

Pizza or Pussy?
Both…with mushrooms!!!

If „anything goes“ would be your life motto: What would you do first?
I would spend the $75,000 and have the MIGHTY STEEL PANTHER play my backyard!!!

What was your biggest „Walk Of Shame“?
The time I had sex with a cowgirl in Amarillo, Texas who chewed tobacco.

A few words to the fellow Fanthers