Fanther Friday: Chanelle


Fanthers! We hope you enjoyed the Panther shows in Europe last weekend and soon the mighty Steel Panther will have some shows in the US – but first we will celebrate the  Fanther Friday today! On this sunny day we wanna introduce you Chanelle – the girl without a personal „Walk Of Shame“ – seriously?

If you wanna be a part of our Fanther Friday, click here and answer our questions. At the moment it’s only open for our Fan Club members, because we wanna know who you are. Thank you for your support! :-) You all are the best f*cking Fanthers out there!


Fanther Friday: Chanelle


Favorite Panther

Fanther since

Favorite Steel Panther Song
„Now The Fun Starts“

Which Steel Panther lyrics are your life motto?
„Woah, hey hey hey ! Fuck all night and party all day!“ ?

Your personal „Lower The Bar“ experience
There was that one guy one time… ugh nvm.

Musical influences
Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Van Halen – all those guys!

How would you treat a „Poontang Boomerang“?
Hit her in the shitter, treat her like a critter ?

What would you ask the band?
Ok I like asking this question… if you could steal one song from one band and claim it, which one would it be?

Pizza or Pussy?

If „anything goes“ would be your life motto: What would you do first?
Hop on a plane and move my butt to sunny California!!!

What was your biggest „Walk Of Shame“?
I’m a smart girl, I have yet to have my first walk of shame… I make them boys walk it ?

A few words to the fellow Fanthers
Can’t catch herpes twice! *lol* no seriously: feel the steel to the max! And just enjoy life! ?