Fanther Friday: darbis


It’s so fucking hot in here
But the devil doesn’t care
The front row will be dripping wet
But satan won’t even break a sweat

Hell’s on Fire! I’m sitting in the Fan Club HQ and it’s hot in here…it feels like I’m in Burbank – but who knows ;-)  Let’s rock the Fanther Friday with darbis. :)

If you wanna be a part of our Fanther Friday, click here and answer our questions. At the moment it’s only open for our Fan Club members, because we wanna know who you are. Thank you for your support! :-) You all are the best f*cking Fanthers out there!

darbis / @x-bass


Favorite Panther

Fanther since

Favorite Steel Panther Song
Eyes of a Panther, Community Property

Which Steel Panther lyrics are your life motto?
She’s making you crazy
Like a cat in heat
Got her claws running down your back
Wow, under the sheets

She’s on the prowl meow
Jaws ready to snap
Like a game of cat and mouse
You’re caught in her trap

Your personal „Lower The Bar“ experience
When I was younger I had a 3 way with a guy who was a 6 at best.. just so I could sleep with his super hot gf. Not my proudest moment 😂

Musical influences
Glam Rock

How would you treat a „Poontang Boomerang“?
Catch the next bus out of town…

What would you ask the band?

  • How does Lexxi keep his makeup so perfect???!!
  • What is their individual favourite SP track and why
  • Who was the craziest fanther they’ve met

Pizza or Pussy?
Both? Why limit to one…

If „anything goes“ would be your life motto: What would you do first?
World tour with SP!!! Or a sexy party with the boys…. maybe backstage at a world tour?!?

What was your biggest „Walk Of Shame“?
Walking out of the bedroom of a party to a house full of people who just realized my boyfriend and I hooked up with one of the sluttiest girls there.

A few words to the fellow Fanthers
Party like it’s the end of the world! Steel Panther is the most rockin band ever so see them live the first chance you get!