Fanther Friday: Andrea Loehr


The Fanther Friday is back and if you are in the fan club, you still have the chance to tell the others who you are, which Panther you love and some other personal stuff (you can tell us your favourite sex position too…just in case ;-)). We count on you: Send us your Fanther Friday answers and your question for the band – perhaps the guys can find some time to answer it. Last time they recorded some video messages for you.

Fanther Friday: Andrea Loehr


Andrea Loehr/@davida29

Favorite Panther

Lexxi Foxx

Fanther since



Favorite Steel Panther Song

The Burden of Being Wonderful

Which Steel Panther lyrics are your life motto?

„Party like tomorrow is the end of the World“

Your personal „Lower The Bar“ experience

Need someone to go to the toilette with me because of too much alcohol.

Musical influences


How would you treat a „Poontang Boomerang“?


What would you ask the band?

How are you?

Pizza or Pussy?


If „anything goes“ would be your life motto: What would you do first?

Do a world trip.

What was your biggest „Walk Of Shame“?

To run with open pants.

A few words to the fellow Fanthers

Hello Fanthers, my name is Andrea and I am proud to be part of the team and I hope we will have a good time together. Keep Rocking!