Video: AMBY – Interview with Lexxi & Satchel (Round Two)


Alicia from „A Music Blog, Yea?“ or short AMBY got the opportunity to interview Lexxi and Satchel:

Watch AMBY’s exclusive interview with Steel Panther! Touring through Toronto in support of their bitchin’ latest album release Lower the Bar, I had the true delight of speaking with Satchel and Lexxi Foxx from one of my favourite bands of all time, Steel Panther! Album after album, this band of badasses continue to blow me away with their musicianship and cheekily blunt humour, so I was absolutely psyched to have them on AMBY. Get ready for lots of laughs; dive into our conversation as we discuss lowering the bar, the benefit of obtaining every sexual disease, having matching unicorn tattoos on their balls, going to jail, and Tinder dates.