Interview: Lexxi Foxx at The Academy Dublin, January 18th 2018


Alan Daly (MyGlobalMind) had an Interview with Lexxi when Steel Panther were on Tour in Ireland – for the first time.

Alan: How do you get away with being so politically incorrect in this day and age?

Lexxi: That’s what’s fucking great about it! Everything is so… “You’ve got to be careful with everything nowadays”. Fuck that. Just have fun. Enjoy yourself, and have a laugh at something, whatever you choose to laugh at, and fucking dig heavy metal. That’s pretty much what we do. Now it’s even tougher with everything going on. You can never touch a girl’s vagina when she doesn’t want you to. But now there’s a lot of people that think you can do that. […]

Interview:  Check it out!

Header photo by Olga Kuzmenko