Video: Interview – Michael Starr and Ornella (COMEBACKSTAGE), Stuttgart GER 02/08/2018


What happens if you bring your mom to a Steel Panther show? Ornella from COMEBACKSTAGE can tell you something about it and she had an interview with Michael Starr – in the tour bus! Woohoo. Check it out! Oh btw.: Michael is talking about the fan club (3:52) ?

COMEBACKSTAGE: You have an official fan club which is run by a german lady. why nobody from the US?
MICHAEL: Because Germans know how to cook really good food.
COMEBACKSTAGE: So you go to dinner with her?
MICHAEL: No, I just like german food.
No, she’s been a fan of us for a long time and an advocate for our band and our brand. She went out of her way to do this on her own in the beginning because she loved the band and she followed every single move that we did. Like anybody that posted a picture she would somehow find it and put it on her timeline. And then she came up with a new logo for Fanthers…it was a no brainer for us to go to somebody that is…not only into the band but really good at their job. And I just got to see her last night. That’s cool. I’ve seen her like three or four shows already. And every time I see her at a show we take a picture together and then she posts it.