Satchel - Live Music Hall Cologne, 11-03-2012 - photo: Andrea Jaeckel-Dobschat,

Satchel (born November 24) was a part of the band “War & Peace”, which was founded by Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson and a part of the Rob Halford launched band “Fight” – years before he played in the band “Electric Fence” with the “Racer X” members Paul Gilbert and Jeff Martin. Together with Michael Starr, Satchel was also in the band “Atomic Punks” and he is currently fronting his own band “The Thornbirds” with Stix Zadinia on the drums. At Steel Panther, he is the “master of shredding” on guitar, who manages – in addition to all the acrobatics and fun – to play all the strings correctly. Satchel is in cahoots with Michael Starr, and he is usually the one who put a damper on Lexxi. I never met an American musician, who is able to pronounce the German words for “pussy licking”, “He has a small dick” or “I have a boner!” so bitchin’ ;-)




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  1. Andrea Loehr
    02/12/2018 @ 2:20 PM

    Really cool guy. So charming!


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