The Burden of Being Wonderful

Why in a world of ugly faces
should I, be allowed to be so hot
So many people without talent
yet I was born with all the magical gifts I got

The perfect body, the perfect face
it’s like god’s best work all in one place
But the haters hate perfection
Can’t you see

It’s a burden being wonderful like me

How in a world that’s so imperfect
did I wind up with so much cool
Friends never stick around too long
they never feel like they belong
next to me they feel like a fool

I’ve got the grace of a dancer, a golden voice
people seem to hate me like I had a choice
Being this blessed is a lonely way to be

It’s a burden being wonderful like me

Like me

So you say you wanna hang around
don’t ever ask me to turn it down
I’m a diamond I’m gonna shine
compared to everyone else
I’m like a whole damn diamond mine

Oh yeah

I’m just a Maserati in a world of Kias
‘genius’ would describe any of my ideas
If I was born in 1453 Leonardo Da Vinci would be jealous of me
but a world of Stevie Wonders would never see

It’s a burden being wonderful like me

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