(T)ITS a special Day! Thank you for a bitchin’ year


Fanthers! Steel Panther! Crew!

I remember the following news on November 28th last year:

“Wanna know something totally kick ass? We’ve teamed up with the bitchin’ crew at the Steel Panther Fans site Fanthers.com and today we’re launching the best Fanther club we’ve ever had! Now you can join up and get all the music we release every year automatically – plus exclusive content and tons of other awesome stuff. See you on the inside!” – Steel Panther (11/28/2016)

And now it’s been a year since we’re rocking the official Steel Panther Fan Club „Fanthers Worldwide“ or „Fanthers.com“ with YOU! I know the Fan Club was founded some years ago and when it started (in 2014) I was a member too. Then the band decided to team up with Fanthers.com last year to build a big Community, a Panther Family and a Fan Club – together with you! So I wanna say thank you for an awesome year and hopefully many more years! :-) @andrea