The shop is online: Look bitchin’ with a Fanther Panther shirt


Andrea Roxx - Fanther PantherDue to requests from Fanthers, we have a Spreadshirt shop now with some shirts and other stuff that will let you look bitchin’. And wearing the original “Fanther Panther” is sexy because you are!

The shirts are not cheap, but the quality (shirt and print) is really nice and if you purchase our stuff, you support the illustrator and our fan page It’s no official Steel Panther merchandise!

If you need more shirt colors or other stuff like bags, cellphone cases etc. send me a message or leave a comment :-)

For the Fanthers from the US we have a Teespring Campaign, because the shipping is much cheaper.

Now have fun with your “Fanther Panther”!

Stay bitchin’,