Exclusive Steel Panther studio update for Fanthers.com


Look who said “Hi” from the Studio – Michael Starr has sent exclusive greetings to his Fanthers:

The studio has been a fucking blast. Couple days ago we recorded vocals for a song called “Party Like its the end of the World“. I’m kicking ass in the studio with the help of Satchel, Stix and Lexxi. We don’t have a title yet for the record. We have hundreds of ideas but nothing has stuck yet.

Our producer Jay has been amazing when he’s awake. He drinks a lot and really likes to nap. When he is awake we stop partying and record. Our plans to tour internationally are still being worked out as I write this update.

As soon as we can announce dates, you can bet your sweet vagina I’m gonna tweet something.

We are rehearsing for our upcoming USA tour in between recording vocals as well.

Stay tuned for more updates and now watch the video from the Studio!

– Michael Starr

Thanks to the band and the bitchin’ people who enabled this video

– you rock! xoxo